1960                     UEC came into existence by Sabri family members who previously earned big name in the business

                               of construction, designing anengineering.


1965                   M/S Imperial Tobacco Companof India Limited” ITC situated in Saharanpur, India, invited UEC to design, manufacture & install some precismachines to be used for refining the Tobacco ,Cigarette making & packaging. The project was successfully completed and provetbe a beginning of new possibilities.


1970                    UEC moved a step forward into the Pulp & Paper industry. The first Governmental Paper Technology Institute of India invited UEC to fulfill their specific requirement for maintenance and calibration of their existing lab equipment. Further, IPT granted various contracts to UEC to fulfill the need of specially designed, developed & manufactured equipment for various research projects.

1982                    UEC kept evolving and increased its product range from Pulp & Paper to Packaging, Printing, 

                             Surface coating anEnvironmental Quality Control LaEquipment.

1988                     UEC introduced its Handmade Paper making machines.


1990             A pilot plant for productiooHandmade Tissue Paper sheets of 7-10 GSM was developewherein the banana fiber was used  to manufacture Pulp.


1993                  This was the year when UEC participated in their first ever international exhibition of Pulp &Paper, by the name of Paper-Ex held in New Delhi, India. UEgot aoverwhelming response from domestic & international visitors. As a results, shortly UEstarted exporting its equipment to various countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe & USA.

2000                      By this time most of the UEC equipment had been developed with Automatic Control System, mainly 

                               PLC  based.

2002                     UEC collaborated with a German company for a particular project for a period of 3 years.

2003                     Moving ahead UEC started showcasing its wide range of quality control equipment in International Exhibitions

                                 held in various countries like UAE, Egypt, South Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Chaina, Vietnam & Syria.    

2005                    Export Business grew substantially and UEC became a global name in its specialized field. 

2010                    Keeping with the pace of time and new technologies, UEC products were upgraded with

                            Touch Screen controlled Systems.