UEC-1029 A

It is designed for determining the Internal Bonding Strength of Paper, Paperboard and Laminates, by measuring the Average Energy, in Thousandths of foot Pound required to "Delaminate the Sheet Type Specimen" in two piles. The Z - directional rupture is initiated by the impact of a pendulum, having both, ''a Controlled Mass & a Controlled Velocity". The unit consists of “Dual Capacity Pendulum” of range 0-0.25 Ft./ lbs. & 0.1-0.5 Ft./ lbs. with test result, directly readout on the calibrated scale. The Five Number Specimen Preparation Unit with different Clamping Pressures from 50 to 200 PSI.

Optional On Demand: 

1. Sample Preparation Strip Cutter Die & punch Type for Sample Strip Size - 25.4  x 152.4 mm (1.0" x 6.0").

2. Double sided adhesive tape of width 1” for Sample Preparation.

3. Standard Calibration Sliding Weights & its Holder.

Product Code UEC-1029 A
Equipment Category Physical Property Testing Equipment

41.300 Kg


58.0 x 31.5 x 56.5 cm.

Applicable Standards

TAPPI T 569, T 833 pm -94

Range Available

Testing Applications Duplex And Art Paper (Plybond Test)
Kraft Liner/fluting Paper/sack (Plybond Test)

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