UEC-1004 A

The UEC Thickness Micrometer performs Rapid and Accurate Measurement of Thickness for Paper, Board and Plastics under a steady pressure of 1.0 Kg/ cm² (98.0 Kpa.). The Equipment is motorized, easy to use with “Single Push Button” operation and the Digital Display through an "Imported Add-On Type Optical Transducer" with Resolution 0.001 mm. / 0.01 mm.

The "THICKNESS MICROMETER FOR TISSUE PAPER" and other Soft Materials is also provided with a Steady Pressure of 0.2 kg Dead Weight Load over 10 cm² Surface Area. 

Product Code UEC-1004 A
Equipment Category Physical Property Testing Equipment

14.0 kg.


30.5 X 15.0 X 43.5 cm.

Applicable Standards

SCAN P 7, SCAN P 47, TAPPI T411, CPPA D.4, ISO 534, ISO 3034, FEFCO No.3, DIN 53105, BS 3983, BS 4817

Range Available

Testing Applications Newsprint (Grammage)
Writing Printing/copier Paper (Thickness)
Duplex And Art Paper (Thickness)
Kraft Liner/fluting Paper/sack (Thickness)
Corrugated Fibre Board Box Board (Thickness)
Tissue & Soft Material (Thickness)

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