The UEC Research Digester is a complete Pulping Unit for producing the Sulphate & Sulphite pulps by cooking of Wood Chips in a manner similar to a Commercial Digester. 

The unit is easy to operate and features Precise Temperature Control of pulping variables to ensure good repeatability of results. A sampling line with cooling attachments allows Liquor Samples to be withdrawn safely during the cooking process and a control Valve determines the Circulation Rate of cooking chemicals. 

The circulation digester consists of cooking vessel with a chips basket, a separate vessel to heat the cooking liquor before the wood chips are cooked, a heat exchanger, circulation pump and all the necessary piping  & components. 

Each system includes heating elements and logic controls, which precisely maintain the cooking temperature as the wood chips are processed in to the pulp, thus ensuring the high degree of repeatability. The cooking liquor is pre heated and then added via the circulation pump. 

The pulp and all spent liquor can be collected at the end the cooking time. The surface in contact with the pulp are made of Acid Proof Stainless Steel. 

Microprocessor Based pre –programmable Temperature Indicator Cum Controller has mounted on the operational control panel. Temperature range variable to max 200°C & Pressure 15 Kg/cm².

Standard Model: 20 Liter Capacity. Optional Capacity: 10, 50 Liters or Customized.

Customized Equipment: "Continuous Digester"

Product Code UEC-2016
Equipment Category Pulp Testing Equipment


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Testing Applications Pulp Testing Raw Material Agro Fibre (Cooking)

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