The UEC Rotary Digester is used for cooking of Raw Materials, such as Wood Chips and various Fibrous materials under specified & controlled conditions of Pressure, Temperature & Time, prior to "Producing the Pulp". The rotations of cooking vessel with the change of turning direction, ensures efficient agitation of the pulp.

The Acid Proof Stainless Steel Rotary Vessel is tested to withstand at Pressure up to 15 kg/cm² & Temperature up to 200°C. The Perforated Basket inside the Vessel enables to easy lift and separate the cooked material from the black liquor, after the cooking is over. The Heating is performed electrically, through a set of jacketed heaters.

The safety valve & pressure gauge are mounted on the vessel's sealing lid and provided with Microprocessor Based Temperature Indicator Cum Controller with facility of more Detailed Pre-Programming to Control the Boiling Sequence. The surface, in contact with the pulp are made of Acid Proof Stainless Steel.

Available Capacity: 15, 25, 50, 100 Liter OR Customized.

Product Code UEC-2015
Equipment Category Pulp Testing Equipment


for 15 Ltrs.- 115.0 x 68.0 x 137.5 cm.

Applicable Standards

Range Available

Testing Applications Pulp Testing Raw Material Agro Fibre (Cooking)
Pulp Testing Raw Material Wood Fibre (Cooking)

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