The Quadrant Scale is intended for measuring the Basis Weight (GSM) of Paper and other sheet materials by weighing a small Test Sample with given dimensions. Scales are calibrated to Precision Dead Weights. This accuracy is maintained as long as the pendulum returns to its original form and is kept free from corrosion, distortion, or other causes, which may affect its weight and balance. 

GSM measuring range is available for 0 -125 GSM / 250 GSM / 500 GSM & 1000 GSM.

Optional on Demand:

Sample Preparation Template of Sizes: 10 cm x 10 cm / 20 cm x 25 cm

Product Code UEC-1001
Equipment Category Physical Property Testing Equipment
Weight 6.0 Kg

48.0 cm x 16.0 cm x 50.0 cm

Applicable Standards TAPPI, ISO , SCAN, APPITA, & JIS
Range Available

0-125 GSM

Template Sizes: 20 X 20 / 20 X 25 / 40 X 25 cm

Testing Applications Newsprint (Grammage)
Writing Printing/copier Paper (Grammage)
Duplex And Art Paper (Grammage)
Kraft Liner/fluting Paper/sack (Grammage)
Corrugated Fibre Board Box Board (Grammage)
Tissue & Soft Material (Grammage)

Pendulum upto 250 GSM

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