Evaluation of pulp, paper, and paper packaging is inevitable in the paper industry. While paper and packaging testing instruments test the physical properties, environmental testing instruments examine their environmental responses. 

Environmental testing is as important as examining the physical properties of pulp and paper. To make this evaluation possible, paper manufacturers make use of environmental testing equipment by UEC.

Environmental testing equipment measures the response of pulp or paper under specific lab conditions such as high or low temperature, humidity, etc. Some of them also determine the ash content of the paper, as well as the incineration of solid substances. 

These instruments are very useful to manufacturers as they help them understand the quality and performance of the pulp and paper. These are high-accurate machines that can increase the overall manufacturing efficiency of paper and paper packaging products. And when sourced from a trusted manufacturer and supplier like UEC, the benefits get doubled. 

So, let us look at the 7 best environmental testing equipment by UEC.

7 Best Environmental Testing Equipment By UEC



Code UEC - 5001


* The Laboratory oven determines the percent moisture content present in the pulp, paper, and board. 

* It is a single-door unit that comes with an inner chamber of various sizes. 

* On the front panel, stands a digital temperature indicator (PID), which also lets the operator control the temperature. The temperature may range from ambient to 250 degrees Celsius. 

* The air circulation fan, inside the unit, circulates the hot air, while the side ventilation controls the temperature. This feature helps balance the temperature during the test cycles, which is highly crucial to keep the test going.

* Customers can get a double-door unit in bespoke sizes, on demand.

Models available (in sizes)

14” x 14” x 14”, 18” x 18” x 18”, 24” x 24” x 24”, and 36” x 36” x 36”

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Code UEC - 5002


* The Muffle furnace determines the ash contents of the paper and the incineration of solid substances. 

* The unit is insulated with a muffled blanket and comes with inner chambers of various sizes. The working temperature of the unit goes up to 930 Degrees Celsius.

* On the front panel, there is a digital temperature indicator (PID), which also helps control the temperature between ambient to 1100 Degrees Celsius. 

* It also has a pyrometer that uses a thermocouple to read immediate changes in the exhaust temperature. Here, the energy regulator controls the temperature.

* Customers can opt for muffle furnaces in various sizes and working temperatures. 

Models available (in sizes):

Inner Chambers Size: 9” x 4”x 4”, 10”x 5”x 5”, 12”x 6”x 6”, and 12”x 8”x 8”.


Code UEC - 5003


* The Environmental chamber conditions the paper, board, and similar materials under specified laboratory conditions.

* On the top of the front panel are PID controllers, which are used to set and control temperature and humidity. 

* When the paper sample is exposed to atmospheric conditions for a long, it gets conditioned and is said to be in equilibrium with the atmosphere. 

* The specimen is tested twice at an interval of a minimum of 1 hour and with a difference of not more than 0.25%.

* The unit comes with a compressor and a heater-fitted water chamber.

Models available (in sizes)

* Inner chamber size: 700 mm X 450 mm X 450 mm. 

* Temperature Range: 10 Degrees Celsius to 60 Degrees Celsius, with Accuracy ± 0.5 Degrees Celsius.

* Humidity Range: 30% to 90% with Accuracy ± 3%.


Code UEC - 5004


* The Bod incubator incubates the BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) specimens of effluents, polluted waters, and wastewater.

* The BOD is a test that determines the ROR or Relative Oxygen Requirements of microbes present in wastewater, polluted water, or effluents using SLP or Standardized Laboratory Procedures.

* The unit is a double door and is heavily insulated. These features help maintain the working temperature between 5–50 Degrees Celsius with accuracy ± 0.5 Degrees Celsius. 

* Like other environmental testing equipment, the PID mounts on the front panel and lets the operator set and control the temperature. 

Models available (in sizes)

Inner chamber size: 33” X 20” X 16.5”, 34.5” x 22.5” x 22.5”, and 36” x 26” x 23”.


Code UEC - 5005


* The digital pH meter is used to measure the pH value of the pulp as well as other liquids under standard laboratory conditions.

* The unit uses an electrode to measure the specific electrical conductance of the liquid, in terms of pH. 

* The digital panel displays the pH evaluation result.    

* It also comes with buffer tablets of various pH ranges. These tablets standardize and verify the values before the test is performed. 

* The measuring value ranges between 0-14 pH.


Code UEC - 5006


* The Ash incinerator determines the ash content of the paper, board, and other cellulosic materials. 

* During the measuring process, the operator burns a weighed quantity of specimen and then obtains the weight percentage of the remaining ash. 

* The unit comprises an insulated porcelain ignition tube, installed on the top of a stand. 

* Customers can opt for a digital temperature indicator cum controller along with a thermocouple for sensing the temperature. 

Models available (in sizes)

58.42 x 17.78 x 38.10 cm


Code UEC - 5007


* The digital moisture meter is an imported equipment that examines the moisture content of the paper, paperboard, corrugated material, and paper tubes.

* The unit uses the relationship between the moisture content of the material and electric resistance to perform the test.

* The meter has contact pins, mounted on it, which make contact with the sample material. 

* Alarm alerts and calibration checks come in-built with the moisture meter.

* It uses a 9V battery to operate and 3 measuring ranges, i.e.,

   * For paper- 4.3-18%

   * For baled scrap paper- 5-40%

   * For arbitrary paper- 0-100%


* The unit also has a pin-type measuring sensor that evaluates the moisture of a finished paper between 4-18%. 

* Customers can opt for different measuring sensors based on their usage:

   * To measure moisture in Bales- Probe type sensor with handle.

   * On a moving web or pop reel- Double roller sensor.

   * To measure paper on skids- Blade type sensor.

   * For thin sheet stock- Clamp type sensor.

   * Measuring moisture content on a moving web/roll- Leaf type sensor.

   * Measuring moisture on curved surfaces, like core tubes- curved type sensor.


Final Thoughts

So, these were the best 7 environmental testing equipment offered by UEC. If you’re a pulp, paper, or packaging manufacturer and looking for high-accuracy testing instruments, get in touch with us today. Explore the website to find more categories of cutting-edge testing instruments and send inquiries.