UEC-3002 B

The UEC Drop Tester is very useful for determining the ability of a Package to withstand Rigors / Rigidity during handling. The Physical Impact on the Package is observed when it is being dropped from a particular height, in any position. The Main Unit is mounted on the Sturdy Base Plate with the Motorized facility to Set the Drop Height & uplift the Package, which is Digitally Displayed on a separate “Height Display Panel” and the “Pneumatically Operated Foot Switch” to Release the Package. 

Regular Model’s Max. Drop Height & Package Weight – 1650 mm & 110 lbs. 

User’s Choice On Demand: Customized Drop Height & Package Weight.

Product Code UEC-3002 B
Equipment Category Packaging Testing Equipment


Height 210 cm.

Applicable Standards

ISO 2248 A, AS 2582.4

Range Available

Testing Applications Corrugated Fibre Board Box Board (Box Drop Test)

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