The UEC Hydra Pulper is utilized for de-fibration of dry samples on laboratory scale. The pulp is torn and soaked with water then, the pulper is achieved to mix the pulp to a homogenous suspension.

It consists of a pulping container with a specially designed rotor/ impeller, fitted at its bottom and driven by a timing belt in the lower part of the unit. The electric motor is adjustable by the "VFD" (Optional) to control the rotational speed. In general, the unit is provided with the standard operational consistency range from 2% to 7%. The motorized unit is provided, complete with container mounted on the sturdy base, special lid, drain valve & operational control panel.

Optional on Demand:

“Variable Drive”

"Pulping Container" - Range Range 2, 5,10, 20, 30 & 50 Lt.

“High Consistency Pulper” up to 10% consistency.

Product Code UEC-2024
Equipment Category Pulp Testing Equipment


Applicable Standards

Range Available

Testing Applications Pulp Testing Raw Material Recycled Fibre (Pulping)
Pulp Testing Raw Material Wood Fibre (Pulping)
Pulp Testing Raw Material Agro Fibre (Pulping)

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