UEC-2017 B

The UEC Lab Pulping Unit - Air Bath is a compact unit and specially designed for “Laboratory Production of Chemical Pulp” by cooking wood chips in “Six Individual Acid Proof Stainless Steel Autoclaves”, each of Capacity 2.5 liter suitable for 300 gm bone dry wood chips. These autoclaves are supported on a geared motor driven rotating shaft with the change of turning direction, ensures efficient agitation of the pulp. It includes a “Forced Air, Electrical Heating Chamber” and logic control, which precisely maintain the cooking temperature as the wood chips are processed into the pulp and thus ensuring a high degree of repeatability. The “Cold Water Spray Jet System” is used for “Cooling & Quicker Handling of Autoclaves” after completion of the Cooking Cycle.

The Eco Friendly instrument is designed, that, a variety of pulps can be produced with different raw materials, such as Wood Chips and various Fibrous Material under specified & controlled conditions of Pressure, Temperature & Time. The unit is easy to operate and features precise control of the pulping variables to ensure good repeatability. The Unit is Equipped with, Temperature Sensor and completes with the Operational Control Panel provided with “Programmable Digital Temperature Indicator-Cum-Controller”. Temperature range –variable to max 200°C & Pressure 15 Kg /cm². All the surface in contact with the pulp are of Acid Proof Stainless Steel.

Optional Facility: 

Determination & Display of "H" Factor

Graphical Presentation of "H" Factor (PLC Based) & Interfacing with PC. 

Product Code UEC-2017 B
Equipment Category Pulp Testing Equipment


104.0 x 109.0 x 70.0 cm.

Applicable Standards

Range Available

Testing Applications Pulp Testing Raw Material Agro Fibre (Cooking)
Pulp Testing Raw Material Wood Fibre (Cooking)

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