This Equipment is very useful for Standardized Disintegration of pulp to form a Homogeneous Suspension, which is required for the Formation of hand Sheets and for other R&D purposes. The pulp is given mechanical treatment in water so that interlaced fibers, which were free in the pulp stock, are once again separated from one another without appreciably changing their structural properties.

This disintegrator is very easy to use and cannot be switched on without its pulp container in the place. The Propeller Shaft, driven by a motor via Stepped Timing Belt ensures a direct drive without slippage and ensures that the subsequent pulp brightness test is free from “Copper Ion” contamination. 

Facility on Demand: 

“Digital Preset Impulse Counter” for Setting Desired Number of Revolution.

“Heated Stock Container”, for hot disintegration at constant temperature.

Product Code UEC-2008
Equipment Category Pulp Testing Equipment

31.0 Kg.


26.0 x 53.0 x 40.0 cm.

Applicable Standards

SCAN C18:65, M2, TAPPI T205OM-88, CPPA C.6, ISO5263, APPITA/AS 1301. 215C-89

Range Available


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