High Speed Disperser
High Speed Disperser

UEC’s High Speed Disperser is used to obtain a homogenized mixture of pigments added to liquids. The machine uses a high speed rotating disc to disperse and dissolve solid particles to sizes less than 25 microns and produce a homogenous solution primarily for making paints, inks, enamels, and more.

The unit, built on a sturdy base, consists of a concealed hydraulic lifting system made from a precision shaft that ensures low vibrations and improved stability. The lifting mechanism allows the positioning of the rotating disc on or off center to achieve uniform mixing. As the fluid viscosity changes, the speed can also be controlled through a VFD. The result is little air absorption during the dispersing and mixing process. All operations are controlled on an integrated control panel for hassle-free operation.

Product Code UEC-7005
Equipment Category Prakritik Paint Machines


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