The Ribbon Blender Mixer or Pug Mixer is a versatile, low-shearing mixer commonly used in a variety of process industries for mixing solids. It can efficiently blend materials with varying densities homogeneously in a short amount of time.


The machine consists of a horizontal trough with twin helical agitator blades that move the material axially and radially. The inner ribbon is designed in such a way that the material moves from the middle to the end while the outer ribbon moves the material from the end to the middle thus ensuring efficient blending. Material is discharged through a discharge ball valve located at the bottom of the trough.


The unit has a robust construction with the trough made from stainless steel and agitator shaft supported by heavy-duty pedestals. The ends are the shaft have stuffing boxes to prevent blended ingredients from leaking into the bearings. The machine comes with a drive system comprising a gearbox coupled to a motor that can blend product mass up to 500 kg.


Capacity up to 1000 kg is available on request

Product Code UEC-7003
Equipment Category Prakritik Paint Machines


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